i’ve never been good at practicing. i remember being forced to practice the piano. i would be sobbing and playing some elementary Chopin. when i took up drums in my later years, i thought things had changed. i was ready to be heather from tiger trap. but there i sat. just as i did as a child. not sobbing this time, but annoyed i wasn’t already good. annoyed that i had to practice basic drum fills.

i’ve always preferred just doing. making something from just doing. i hate starting off small. i hate using sewing patterns. i hate studying. i want to wing everything. see what happens. but i’ve realized something while reading some of the managerial books that i’ve decided will transform me from a bumbling new manager to an awesome experienced manager – i need to practice.

i didn’t study management in school. i’m just a developer who happened to be heavy on the soft skills. that said, my natural intuition about people and things is not enough to let me coast through my job. it has been challenging. winging it has not worked. so i’ve decided to practice. i practice what i’m going to say to people. i practice listening. i practice focusing on my day’s priorities. i practice delegating. i practice writing succinct emails. i practice focusing on my week’s priorities. i practice not coding. i practice focusing on my month’s priorities.

i hope i get good at this. it sure would suck if all this practice was for naught.