this is why i moved to the bay area

so last saturday, i had the distinct pleasure of volunteering with Black Girls Code. it is a wonderful organization started by Kimberly Bryant designed to encourage black girls to pursue programming. i first heard about them at the women’s communities event after the Fluent conference in may. i cannot even begin to articulate how much fun and how inspired and rejuvenated i was after spending time with these girls.

i was part of a group of volunteers designated to work with the 9-11 year old girls and it’s funny how much i forgot what it was like to be a young girl at that age.  there’s so much awareness of the world and imagination. needless to say, i was sufficiently charmed by the girls and wowed by the experience. the entire time i was there, i was thinking to myself, now this is why i am here and not in boston. this is what i’ve been missing.

there was a great little video and some pics on the facebook. (almost makes me want create a facebook account) 


doings things, doing more things, and then trying to do some things…



so i spent another weekend pretending it was the mid 90s. went to see Sebadoh at the bowery ballroom in nyc.


i’ve been trying desperately to make things happen in my life. i needed a catalyst for change and now change is trying to happen.

two major things that i’ve been working on:

  1. making stuff with my new old sewing machine

    i made a porter bicycle bag to be carried on something like the velo orange porter rack. in nyc, i picked up a bunch of additional trimmings to complete my project. will be done with it soon and sending it to someone that actually has a porter rack on their bike.

  2. getting my open source project underway. details to remain shrouded in mystery until it’s closer to completion

i’m hoping to be much further along on those 2 endeavors in the next couple of months. particularly my open source project. upcoming sewing projects include, but are not limited to: curtains for my sister julie and sundresses for my niece mia. hopefully it’ll be and stay sunny soon.