so last saturday, i had the distinct pleasure of volunteering with Black Girls Code. it is a wonderful organization started by Kimberly Bryant designed to encourage black girls to pursue programming. i first heard about them at the women’s communities event after the Fluent conference in may. i cannot even begin to articulate how much fun and how inspired and rejuvenated i was after spending time with these girls.

i was part of a group of volunteers designated to work with the 9-11 year old girls and it’s funny how much i forgot what it was like to be a young girl at that age.  there’s so much awareness of the world and imagination. needless to say, i was sufficiently charmed by the girls and wowed by the experience. the entire time i was there, i was thinking to myself, now this is why i am here and not in boston. this is what i’ve been missing.

there was a great little video and some pics on the facebook. (almost makes me want create a facebook account)